movinghouseWho’d have thought a blog had legs, but this one’s moving. Its now on my nuuuu site:


NEW website

I say ‘new’ but i never really had an old one. still needs plenty of work/content but the little jersey cow’s quite cute. PS. giving away a few sets of birdhouse wall stickers. Deadline 4th July. xsallyboyle_homepage

Peacock No.3


Yeah, we’re obsessed (with peacocks). Who isn’t? they’re so….unnecessarily extravagant looking…! kind of like one of those 4 tier shiny glazed, ribbon-rounded, cream frilled, chocolate filigree cakes you see in patisserie windows that thrill your eyes but taste of nothing but sugary sofa foam…eh? anyway, this lady (Schmooks) has some cute prints going on. this is her take on girl as peacock. love the little legs! think its great how we can all interpret something completely differently

Joe Mclaren

joe_mclaren_castlered_pig_mclaren1Its Friday afternoon so I’m web browsing. Normally I try to limit this but I have a fair bit of work to do this weekend so of course I am suddenly preoccupied with everything but. Having been here many times before I can confidently predict that as soon as I finish this posting I will put some washing on, mop the floor and maybe make a few jam tarts (current food fad) to tide me over til tea-time. By Sunday I will be in a mood because I haven’t done the work. I will feel resentful towards the world in a general, non specific way, despite the fact that I only have my very specific self to blame. Just as well then that the web browse results in some fab stuff by Brit illustrator Joe McLaren. Here’s the chain of progress: email from Etsy – ‘Emerging Artists You Ought to Know – including new shop Wilkintie; go to Wilkintie; letterpress print by Joe McLaren; search McLaren’s website = visual smorgasbord….a slightly more complicated recipe than jam tarts, but far tastier than my botched baking…