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This kind of relates to a post a few day’s ago about Nienke Sybrandy archiving the life of her pot plant by cutting faces into the dropped leaves and casing them like a butterfly collector, in that Helen Coldwell also has the ability to be uniquely inspired by the overlooked, throwaway ‘bits’ of the domestic environment. Very clever concept.


Happy Birthday Ronald! …and Erena (sorry)


the Duke (bad!); the Princess (good!); the Clocks (NOT ticking!)

the Duke (bad!); the Princess (good!); the Clocks (NOT ticking!)

My favourite illustrator is 89 today: Happy Birthday Ronald Searle! Its also the birthday of my friend Erena, but she lives in New Zealand, so she’s now eaten her cake, drunk her wine and gone to bed….and I forgot to wish her a happy birthday…but I remembered an illustrator I’ve never met! I don’t deserve friends……

Anyway, above are some of Searle’s illustrations from ‘The Thirteen Clocks’ by James Thurber. My mum used to take great (twisted) delight in requoting the line “I’ll cut you from your guzzle to your zatch!” if you went in the fridge between meals.

Happy Birthday Erena!