Heavenly Bodies

I’m currently restocking my Folksy, Etsy and DaWanda online shops with both ‘old’ and new goodies. First up are cushions/pillows in 6 favourite print designs – pugs, peacocks and owls – and 4 new vintage illustrated star maps. All are available both as full cushions or covers only.

I’m especially excited about the star maps. I took them from the 100 year old Children’s Encyclopedia by Arthur Mee, ‘digitally remastered’ the pages, and produced 4 vividly coloured star maps coverlng the skies of the Northern Hemisphere through the seasons. I’ve kept some of the graininess of the originals, which gives a nice vintage ‘screenprint’ effect.

Folksy: Cushions + Digital Prints

Etsy: Cushions/Pillows + Digital Prints

DaWanda: Cushions/Pillows + Digital Prints

I’ll also be relisting giclée prints, greeting card sets and wall decals over the next week or so.


Pedigree chum or doggy doo-doo?


am working on a pug puppy decal to stick by the skirting boards. do i have it printed? is it a go-er? does it need more work? is it ‘aaahh’ enough, but not too ‘aaahh’? am pinning to the wall, leaving it for a week and regaining some perspective… feedback appreciated.

Jewellery Showcase, Leeds, this Sunday

artsmix flyer

Original, bespoke & handcrafted jewellery, this Sunday, not too early, cool Leeds venue. Hell, its too hot for a roast! (tho who knows what Sunday will bring – this is England!) Get yerself down!

My First Coriandr Find

paper flowerspaperflowers

How great are these?! Am I’m not even a ‘girly’ girl!… And I don’t make cupcakes (or ‘buns’ as we say round ‘ere!) but I’m gonna have to buy some of these. Great for barbecue parties??? …or you could stick them into plasticine and display them in an espresso cup/egg cup???? 

Maker: Milla Love

Coriandr: UK Etsy



Had coffee and cake this morning with jewellery designer-maker Rachel Lucie (pics above). I mentioned how the dollar signs on Etsy might put UK buyers off using it and lamented the lack of a smaller Brit equivalent. ‘There is one!’ she said. ‘Its called Coriandr‘. I’d never heard of it (think it must be fairly new) so I’m spreading the word! Rachel’s just signed up. I’ve managed one listing so far. mighty oaks an’ all that… 😉