Which (colour)way?

Having got completely carried away experimenting with different styles and techniques I’ve decided on some more new cushion cover designs to add to my ‘collection’, including the tribal-meets-stained-glass tiger and ink-pot rainbow stripes you see above. I’ve also a slightly kitsch/kawaii style Tawny Owl waiting in the wings (no pun intended), but she’s not quite ‘right’ yet. As for the folk-style flower designs you see below (inspired by Polish paper-cutting, or Wycinanki), I can’t decide on a design ‘name’ or colours, and need your help. Which two of the following eight colourways do you prefer or would have at home, and what title would you give to the design? I’d really appreciate your feedback*. Comment below or email me at sally@sallyboyle.co.uk. Best name sticks!

*I won’t keep your email address, except to say ‘thank you’.


4 thoughts on “Which (colour)way?

  1. I love 3 &4, both are best, and next is 4.

    I see your print in 2011 every morning, as I put it on front of Dressing table. Thank you again! These cushion cover design are cool, good for autumn & winter Interior decoration.

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