What is Etsy?


I take it for granted that everyone knows what etsy is but they don’t. It seems that those who have something to sell ( the ‘makers’) know and those who want to buy ( the ‘consumers’/the general populace!) usually don’t, which kind of defeats the object. 

Etsy is a mammoth of a website, American, but open to all. Anyone, anywhere, with a valid credit/debit card can ‘join up’ to buy and/or sell handmade and vintage goods. Its as easy as ebay to post listings and even easier to buy – just like any other online shop except prices and payment are made in dollars. You can contact the maker, post personal requests and feel better about where your hard-earned cash is heading; bypass the big names, starve the sweatshop owners and dictate the market! REVOLUTION!

Anyway, for the seller it costs 20 cents to list an item for five months and unlike ebay you can add up to 5 images for no extra cost and amend/update the details whenever you like. As mentioned – only down side: everything done in dollars.

EXPLORE: www.etsy.com

my etsy shop

see next posting for UK equivalent


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