Walls Need Love Too


peacock-angled view

After a lot of self-indulgent ‘twaddling’ (is this a universal term, or another of those embarrassing made-up words my mum invents and I repeat as if they’re Oxford English Dictionary?… Anyone heard of ‘pogged’?) I finally got those goddamn stickers (alright! ‘decals’!) printed. I use ‘goddamn’ but I shouldn’t really. Can’t imagine Clint Eastwood getting worked up about adhesive vinyl. BTW, you seen ‘Gran Torino’? He is magnificent…

They’re currently on Etsy. I have to say, they look great. Perfect for kids’ rooms I reckon. Great for blank white plaster. Pretty neat for people like me who look at wallpaper and think ‘Do I REALLY like that design or is just because it was in Elle Decoration?’; ‘Do I just like it because it’s fashionable or it is something I would always like because it suits my sense of style?’ ‘Will it date?’ And so on, into yet ANOTHER bout of self-indulgent ‘twaddling’…!


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