Jake’s Rocket Man/House/Frankenstein’s Monster

jake_birhouse_layoutHanding him a couple of scrappy printouts of my soon-to-be birdhouse decals I asked my friend Jake to come up with some layout ideas for inclusion with the ‘product’. Three days later I am proudly presented with Jake’s ever-individual take on art (and life) lovingly PritStik-ed to two sheets of yellowing scrapbook. From what I could make out, this is a kind of ‘Rocket Man’ shooting out into orbit. Neither of us knew what the bird was ‘about’, although we did have a short but truly pretentious brainstorming sesh about what it could mean, as if it could ever mean anything. Of course, I had first to get over the fact he’d cut up my beautiful bird in order to make this profound art statement, but then art IS a painful and challenging process…Rather a vinyl bird tail than an ear, so let us be thankful 😉  Thank you Jake. I owe you one x


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