High Goth Part 2

beelitz1Since we’re already in a dark place today… more of my current favourites: On the left, Sir Simon Marsden, prolific photographer. Everything he snaps is supernaturally charged. I have this poster image on the wall. It gets a mixed a response. I love it. Some loathe it.

I know next to nothing about the guy behind the image on the right, except that he’s called Mindcage and is younger (and infinitely more talented) than me. The photo’s entitled ‘Beelitz 1’. Turns out to be a town in Germany. I’ve rummaged a bit on the web and am wondering if the building’s the old sanatorium, where Hitler was supposedly once treated (no, not for mental illness). If so, it makes it even spookier…. Its got a real high definition, 3D, computer game quality to it.


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