I love these decorative trays by Ibride but I just couldn’t justify the £80 spend at the minute. However, Grand Ole Bestiary on Etsy sell $8 prints working around the same concept.


Peacock No.3


Yeah, we’re obsessed (with peacocks). Who isn’t? they’re so….unnecessarily extravagant looking…! kind of like one of those 4 tier shiny glazed, ribbon-rounded, cream frilled, chocolate filigree cakes you see in patisserie windows that thrill your eyes but taste of nothing but sugary sofa foam…eh? anyway, this lady (Schmooks) has some cute prints going on. this is her take on girl as peacock. love the little legs! think its great how we can all interpret something completely differently

Post Ace


This kind of relates to a post a few day’s ago about Nienke Sybrandy archiving the life of her pot plant by cutting faces into the dropped leaves and casing them like a butterfly collector, in that Helen Coldwell also has the ability to be uniquely inspired by the overlooked, throwaway ‘bits’ of the domestic environment. Very clever concept.

Out on a Wing


Klaus Haapaniemi /

Klaus Haapaniemi /


Steve Harrington - Peacock - as seen at

Steve Harrington - Peacock - as seen at

God is fair. Peacocks may look amazing but they don’t fly much, can’t sing and are pretty isolated within the bird community. Those you see in Britain are probably wishing it was considerably warmer. Their owners are wishing they would learn to distinguish Jehovah’s Witness from Postman. The next-door neighbours are wishing they would shut up. In some places they’re eaten but most people just like to collect up their feathers and stick them in with the dried flowers.

Peacocks are the celebrities of the larger garden: they’ve come to rely on human veneration, strutting down their green carpet catwalks, but bird-kind knows their sad little secrets and thinks them crass. No wonder they get lonely and depressed… There’s a moral in there somewhere, Victoria Beckham.

Forest Friends


This is from a posting on uber-blog bloesem which completely blew me away (excuse the pun). It is such a brilliant idea. (The artist, Nienke Sybrandy, it seems is full of brilliant ideas).

Faces are cut into the leaves that fall from a plant, dated and preserved in a display box, thereby creating a family tree! They look like goblins, gremlins, fossilized pixies…

Jake’s Rocket Man/House/Frankenstein’s Monster

jake_birhouse_layoutHanding him a couple of scrappy printouts of my soon-to-be birdhouse decals I asked my friend Jake to come up with some layout ideas for inclusion with the ‘product’. Three days later I am proudly presented with Jake’s ever-individual take on art (and life) lovingly PritStik-ed to two sheets of yellowing scrapbook. From what I could make out, this is a kind of ‘Rocket Man’ shooting out into orbit. Neither of us knew what the bird was ‘about’, although we did have a short but truly pretentious brainstorming sesh about what it could mean, as if it could ever mean anything. Of course, I had first to get over the fact he’d cut up my beautiful bird in order to make this profound art statement, but then art IS a painful and challenging process…Rather a vinyl bird tail than an ear, so let us be thankful 😉  Thank you Jake. I owe you one x