Vintage Bazaar West Yorkshire: 14.03.09

Ilkley Vintage Bazaar is on next Saturday, brought to you by the same luvverly ladies who started Leeds Vintage Fashion Fairs. This time its the whole retro caboodle – not just the clothes, but the furniture, homeware, accessories and ‘things’ that made each decade dance (baby!). If you’ve never been to Ilkley before – its worth a day out. The starting point for the Dales Way walking route, its got some reet grand (very nice) cafes, shops and restaurants, nestling (?) under a filmic expanse of moorland with a couple of very famous, very big rocks on which a bemusing number of people like to challenge those life expectancy stats and fling themselves at/down/up. They must enjoy it…


One thought on “Vintage Bazaar West Yorkshire: 14.03.09

  1. Bah ‘tat.
    I really fancy this but I know I won’t have time to get there – I’ll pass the message to a few leeds cronies though.

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