Emerald Faerie


Hannah at Radiance Lighting sells some magical candelabras by London based maker Emerald Faerie (AKA Fiona Gall), which remind me of Ronald Searle (hence today’s posting!), and which I have probably told Hannah every time I’ve been in there. (Monday: ‘They remind me of Ronald Searle’; Tuesday: ‘They remind me of Ronald Searle’; Wednesday:’They remind me of Ronald Searle’). But they also remind me of childhood and tales of dark, cobwebbed castles, black cats and mysterious old women with twinkling eyes…oo-ee


3 thoughts on “Emerald Faerie

    • ‘centrally heated’ – lol
      i know, i know. sigh. but why is that almost all the people who can actually afford a castle have no taste…there’s no irony in their chintz… although maybe they just won’t let us in the nice ones!..

  1. hiya Sally,

    I havent been to your blog for ages! nice to hear from you the other day. yes been in crazy trade show busyness. It’s all good! Thanks for featuring the Emerald Faerie. D’you know she’s not making this range anymore…only huge commissions for THOUSANDS of pounds! They are all worth that much really. so beautiful. The one i have in the shop is the last of it’s kind! see you soon

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