Rodent in an Eggbox

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Chipped China Destructions proudly presents ‘Mouse in Space’, first feature by Rosalind (9 years old) and the almost spiritually patient Jake Denaji (fully grown); filmed on location in my flat, under the window, by the sofa and on the Persian rug. High School Musical be damned! – this in the ONLY intelligent way to entrance a pre-pubescent girl for 3 hours. Priceless.
BTW, Jake’s an old hand at teaching kids to make their own movies and was thinking about taking his laptop, plasticine and googly eyes into the schools of Calderdale. What do the parents think? Please comment!


2 thoughts on “Rodent in an Eggbox

    • now is that genii? genuii? jedi? but I agree anyway. I feel like I’ve just discovered film’s answer to Arctic Monkeys.

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