Vintage Bazaar West Yorkshire: 14.03.09

Ilkley Vintage Bazaar is on next Saturday, brought to you by the same luvverly ladies who started Leeds Vintage Fashion Fairs. This time its the whole retro caboodle – not just the clothes, but the furniture, homeware, accessories and ‘things’ that made each decade dance (baby!). If you’ve never been to Ilkley before – its worth a day out. The starting point for the Dales Way walking route, its got some reet grand (very nice) cafes, shops and restaurants, nestling (?) under a filmic expanse of moorland with a couple of very famous, very big rocks on which a bemusing number of people like to challenge those life expectancy stats and fling themselves at/down/up. They must enjoy it…


Joe Mclaren

joe_mclaren_castlered_pig_mclaren1Its Friday afternoon so I’m web browsing. Normally I try to limit this but I have a fair bit of work to do this weekend so of course I am suddenly preoccupied with everything but. Having been here many times before I can confidently predict that as soon as I finish this posting I will put some washing on, mop the floor and maybe make a few jam tarts (current food fad) to tide me over til tea-time. By Sunday I will be in a mood because I haven’t done the work. I will feel resentful towards the world in a general, non specific way, despite the fact that I only have my very specific self to blame. Just as well then that the web browse results in some fab stuff by Brit illustrator Joe McLaren. Here’s the chain of progress: email from Etsy – ‘Emerging Artists You Ought to Know – including new shop Wilkintie; go to Wilkintie; letterpress print by Joe McLaren; search McLaren’s website = visual smorgasbord….a slightly more complicated recipe than jam tarts, but far tastier than my botched baking…

Emerald Faerie


Hannah at Radiance Lighting sells some magical candelabras by London based maker Emerald Faerie (AKA Fiona Gall), which remind me of Ronald Searle (hence today’s posting!), and which I have probably told Hannah every time I’ve been in there. (Monday: ‘They remind me of Ronald Searle’; Tuesday: ‘They remind me of Ronald Searle’; Wednesday:’They remind me of Ronald Searle’). But they also remind me of childhood and tales of dark, cobwebbed castles, black cats and mysterious old women with twinkling eyes…oo-ee

Happy Birthday Ronald! …and Erena (sorry)


the Duke (bad!); the Princess (good!); the Clocks (NOT ticking!)

the Duke (bad!); the Princess (good!); the Clocks (NOT ticking!)

My favourite illustrator is 89 today: Happy Birthday Ronald Searle! Its also the birthday of my friend Erena, but she lives in New Zealand, so she’s now eaten her cake, drunk her wine and gone to bed….and I forgot to wish her a happy birthday…but I remembered an illustrator I’ve never met! I don’t deserve friends……

Anyway, above are some of Searle’s illustrations from ‘The Thirteen Clocks’ by James Thurber. My mum used to take great (twisted) delight in requoting the line “I’ll cut you from your guzzle to your zatch!” if you went in the fridge between meals.

Happy Birthday Erena!

I’ve been Tagged!

I’ve been ‘tagged’ by Hannah Nunn of Radiance Lighting. I’m supposed to write 5 random things about myself, post them online, and then ‘tag’ other bloggers.

The rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
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3. Write five random things about yourself
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5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged

Random facts

1. I never knowingly wear matching socks. As far as I am concerned life is too short to match them up. I have been doing it for so long now that I am no longer ashamed. I am not even sure whether the socks I am wearing on any given day are actually mine (I have big feet).
2. I am secretly fascinated by cuckoos. I say ‘secretly’ because I find it very difficult to slip them into a conversation, although have been known to try. Why are they nest parasites? Why are the babies about 7 times bigger than their host parents? How does the baby know to eject all the other eggs from the nest?… If I hear an adult cuckoo (which is becoming increasingly rare) I try to find it. I never do.
3. I rarely cry about things I should but will (properly, chokingly) sob watching certain films. Most recently, The Lives of Others (you must see this film!) and Atonement (you probably already have. He’s really good, yes?).
4. I have 2 special ‘biting nails’. I’ve managed to stop chewing the rest but allow myself a couple. Its a gradual process. I was offered a pound to stop biting at 6. I’m now 33, though if its accrued interest (Aunty?) I’m still game.
5. I love Tony Benn. If I had to name my (British) hero of the late twentieth century…

I’m tagging Sarah of Plain Jane Textiles at Craft Candy’s blog and Kay of Lili Draws Pictures

Rodent in an Eggbox

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Chipped China Destructions proudly presents ‘Mouse in Space’, first feature by Rosalind (9 years old) and the almost spiritually patient Jake Denaji (fully grown); filmed on location in my flat, under the window, by the sofa and on the Persian rug. High School Musical be damned! – this in the ONLY intelligent way to entrance a pre-pubescent girl for 3 hours. Priceless.
BTW, Jake’s an old hand at teaching kids to make their own movies and was thinking about taking his laptop, plasticine and googly eyes into the schools of Calderdale. What do the parents think? Please comment!