Custom Print your Clothes


I tried a new online shop system for custom printed t-shirts, hoodies, underpants and the like and was uncharacteristically impressed. I chose a mug, and it took less time than it would take to boil the contents of said mug to upload my image, place it how I wanted it, and pay. It arrived in the post 3 days later and looked very professional.

As a little experiment in ‘quality assessment’ I popped down to my local printshop and had another mug done there. Can a mug be ‘pathetic’, I ask? Can it inspire a sad – and very human – sympathy? Well people, it was a sorry-looking sibling by comparison. 

Anyway, have a go. I was thinking I might try some custom-designed t-shirts for etsy… Clothes from £11.95 (pants)  –  £22.95 (Hoodies + P&P); Mouse mats £8.45; Mugs £9.95; Coasters (x4) £12.95. T-shirts are a reasonable £12.45.


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