Design Vitamins


A couple of days ago I was asked to put together some suggestions for a pitch for a magazine redesign. The content was really interesting, but the design was dire. It reminded me of family planning literature, or some similar NHS paranoia literature, the sort of bumpf you only read when you’ve been left waiting to see a doctor for ages and which manages to convince you almost 100% that you’re dying of heart disease/syphilis/cirrhosis because you get a mild twinge in your right whatsit twice a year…And almost insultingly there’s always some inappropriate stock image on the front of a happy old couple who’ve clearly never forgotten their vitamins, or an impossibly fresh faced young woman looking, well, like she hasn’t got ‘owt! harrumph.

My point? I found some refreshingly well designed NHS literature by Raw Design Studio in Manchester, is my point.


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