Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair – this weekend!


It’s another of my mate’s vintage fashion fairs this coming Saturday….if you’re anywhere needs Leeds, England! They’re big, bursting and full of GENUINELY old stuff, plus upcycled vintage wares, home accessories and of course, tea and cakes (or ‘buns’, as we like to say ’round ‘ere).

Last time I bought some vintage Christmas decorations: some of those beautiful mid-century silk thread baubles your mother inherits from her gran and you unravel the first Christmas you’re old enough to decorate the tree….. plus a HUGE Victorian
egg-shaped bauble in metallic glass. I loved that bauble. I’d like to show you a picture of it but I smashed it while trying to hang it under the stairs. I was so upset I kept the splintered remains in the dustpan for a fortnight, kidding myself I could turn them into something (???)…..!

Anyway, here’s Sam’s top tips for Vintage buying, Leeds or otherwise! :-

1. Go early. Grab the best stuff.

2. Buy good labels and cashmere – you can always sell them on.

3. Haggle!

Leeds Vintage Fashion Fairs, Leeds Town Hall, 22nd February 9.30 – 4.30/£3 (8.30 entry for Trade/£5)


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