how do they do it?


Nunn / Lucie / Lupino

Nunn / Lucie / Lupino

I’ve got to know a few local creatives since moving to the delightful town of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire in the UK (‘4th quirkiest place in the world’, apparently. Hebden Bridge, that is. I doubt many would be rushing to call Britain ‘Quirky’… ‘Mostly Damp’ maybe?).
Anyway, they are: Hannah Nunn (if Mother Nature made lamps, this is what they’d look like); Rachel Lucie (super classy jewellery); and Clare Lupino (uber-glam jewellery). But how do they do it? How do they find the time to develop such talent, make and market their work AND nurture a family? I feel ashamed. I don’t even have the responsibility of a goldfish. When I was asked to babysit my brother’s 3 stick insects for a week they escaped. I found one hanging to the curtain. The other two? Who honestly cares…


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